TH – Custom Blended Growing Mix

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customBale of TH-Custom Blended Grower MixCustom-blended formulations are specially researched and formulated to meet the requirements of customer-specific growing situations. T & H can also produce a custom blend according to your recipe’s specifications, which will then be certified by Dr. Ranasinghe.

Some of the possible ingredients that have been approved for use are:

  • Mycorrhiza (Endomycorrhiza alone or with organic fertilizer, humic acid and water absorbing polymer)
  • Biological fungicide (To protect crops from root diseases)
  • Rice hull (Parboiled)
  • Rice bran (Defatted)
  • Controlled release fertilizer
  • Rock wool
  • Coir dust (cocopeat)
  • Calcined clay
  • Root enhancer (Beneficial carboxylic acids)
  • Water absorption gel (Hydrogel)
  • Organic growing mixes with Kelp powder / Granulated chicken manure and Yucca extract

TH – Custom Blended Growing Mix

Please contact us if there is some other material which you would like to include in your Custom Growing Mix.
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Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Available Sizes: 210 L* (3.8 ft³)**, 3100 L* (~55 ft³)**, and 6200L* (~110 ft³)**
*Expanded sizes*
**(Compressed sizes)**