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Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss Ltd.
201 Ch Theriault-Hache
Baie Sainte-Anne, New Brunswick
Canada E9A 1N7
Lat: 46.998 N Lon: 64.988 W

TOLL FREE: 1-877-637-3589

TEL: +1-506-228-4530
FAX: +1-506-228-4974
EMAIL: marketing@thpeat.com

Grower Support Services
Lakshman Ranasinghe Ph.D
Agronomist – Research & Development
TEL: +1-506-228-4530 ext.230
FAX: +1-506-228-4974
EMAIL: lakshman@thpeat.com

Jody Williston
Marketing Manager
TEL: +1-506-228-4530 ext.227
FAX: +1-506-228-4974
EMAIL: jody@thpeat.com
SKYPE: jody.williston

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