At Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss Ltd., we offer a variety of top-quality Canadian sphagnum peat moss grades for all your growing needs. From extra fine to extra coarse, you will find a peat moss grade designed for any planting stage and soil environment.

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Peat Moss Harvesting


Extra Fine Grade Peat Moss
Extra Fine Grade Peat Moss is idyllic for seedling beds, plug mediums, and hydroseeding, alongside other applications where zero stick/twig contamination is essential.

Fine Grade Peat Moss
Fine Grade Peat Moss is prototypical for hydroseeding, golf green construction, and nursery beds, alongside other applications where an even granular size and low stick content are necessary.

Medium Grade Peat Moss
Medium Grade Peat Moss is best-possible for nursery and greenhouse managers alongside other professional horticulturists who require a product with small quantities of sticks and nuggets while maintaining a good fiber structure to allow for high water absorption.

Coarse Grade Peat Moss
Coarse Grade Peat Moss is ideal for plant propagation. It boasts an excellent air-filled porosity (AFP), allowing roots to grow and expand to their maximum capacity. Mushroom growers lean towards it for its fiber structure and water absorption properties.

Extra Coarse Grade Peat Moss
Extra Coarse Grade Peat Moss has the highest air-filled porosity (AFP) for aeration, drainage, and strong root development. It is excellent for maturing plants.


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