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TH-6 Professional Fast Drainage Growing Mix

TH-6 Professional Fast Drainage Growing Mix

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TH-6 Germination MixA special professional growing mix with a higher degree of air porosity (aeration and drainage), specifically designed for the cultivation of water sensitive plants and for winter planting. It contains extra coarse grade sphagnum peat moss (78%), coarse perlite (22%), calcitic lime, dolomitic lime, wetting agent and starter fertilizer with trace elements. It is most useful for the following applications:

  • Violet species
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Winter planting

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Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

TH-6 Professional Fast Drainage Growing Mix

Available Sizes: 60L (1 ft³), 125L (2.2 ft³), 210L (3.8 ft³) and 3.6m3 (64 ft³)

Chemical Analysis: S.M.E. Method

pH* E.C. mmhos/m N-NO3 P K Ca Mg Fe Zn Cu Mn B SO4 N-NH4
5.5-5.8 1.3-1.5 103 8.7 147 54 32 1.2 0.09 0.02 0.39 0.04 180 0.5

Physical Analysis

Dry Density Moisture Content Air Space Water Retention Coarse Fiber Medium Fiber Fine Fiber Fines
(g/l) % % x dry weight 3/8-10mesh 10 to 20 mesh 20 to 100 100 mesh to pan
65-85 35-45 20-22 8-12 30-40% 15-25% 35-45% 7-10%
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